Daughter of Lies

I am an Attractive, Female, Scorpio, Psychopath. A Deadly Combination.

Anonymous said: Whenever I meet someone they'll either find me gorgeous or ugly as hell. People stare at me everywhere all the time, I get a ton of compliments. I once overheard people having an argument whether I'm pretty or not. I'm not sure what to make of that.

Haha, that just means you’re unconventionally attractive. You have unique features?

People who only find beauty in conventional societal standards wouldn’t find you attractive, if that was the case.

The same way, runway models are gorgeous, but a basic simpleton, might say something like "All models are so ugly, Kate Moss looked gross compared to Kim Kardashian"

Anonymous said: lol struck a cord huh?

I don’t get it.

sicktendencies said: By the way, the only person I spent more than 2 months with is now on therapy. So I kind of got your point.

Okay then.

We were obviously referring to different things. 

What I was speaking about wasn’t sexual at all. 

Destroying a person you’re fucking, emotionally is simply sadistic. We tend to do that. Destroy a friend, and make them want to be you. It’s quite…entertaining. Because, they’re not ‘in love’ with you. But, maybe they are in a strange way, I don’t know.

Wow I was supposed to throw this huge party today, and my friend is singlehandedly ruining the entire thing. Wow. wow. WOW

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Anonymous said: Help me to understand how insulting people, even in a passive aggressive manner, is beneficial to you? The way I see it, either it gives you satisfaction or you must be gaining something from it, at least. But, of course, the person you're insulting may very well be another psychopath who, upon hearing your words, stabs you in the face. *shrug*

It obviously gives me satisfaction, that’s blatantly obvious.

This is also the internet, so I’m not too worried about anyone ‘stabbing’ me.

Not to mention, if that’s your initial reaction to being insulted then, you’re clearly very emotional and erratic, no self control or logic whatsoever..

And ironically, you just typed out a ‘gesture of indifference’, which clearly shows you are in fact, not indifferent..

sicktendencies said: I read in a very efficent way. Anyway, I was also talking about changing people into what I want them to be. Only that I want different things in different moments and to get those different things I use different methods. Did you read? Fuck their friendship! I wanted attractive girls to suck me, not to worship me. There is no 'basic' or 'complex' manipulation, if you can't ponderate which's the best way in all moments and necessities then you are the shitty psychopath you referred in one answer

Guessing you meant to hit anon….

Obviously I assumed you were a girl.

Also, there is basic manipulation, and complex manipulation;.

Basic manipulation, is manipulating a simple conversation, making someone feel a certain way. 

Complex manipulation is actual emotional abuse, literally fucking up a person mentally for a long period of time, in which they’ll need therapy afterwards. This is usually the case when someone has a relationship with a psychopath, or a psychopathic parent.

Also, what you’re referring to is still not ‘changing’ someone. It’s just acting pathetic to get girls, which as I said before, is basic manipulation. That’s like my flirting tactics with men, except I don’t act pathetic. I wouldn’t call that ‘changing’ them, it’s quite easy honestly.

You clearly don’t know what I’m talking about.

Anonymous said: What would you do if one of your haters found your hippy blog?

I wouldn’t really care at all to be completely honest.

Anonymous said: what are your rising and moon signs?

Capricorn Rising. Gemini Moon.