Daughter of Lies

I am an Attractive, Female, Scorpio, Psychopath. A Deadly Combination.


Pulp Fiction (1994)Quentin Tarantino


Pulp Fiction (1994)
Quentin Tarantino

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Anonymous said: I'm curious why Satan Is helping you? is it because of a deal you made or what? sorry for my ignorance. but I'm genuinely interested in how or why he came to helping yu.

I’m a musician.

I’m talented, and young, attractive, and I lack empathy.

Perfect candidate for manipulating the world through media with the music industry and promoting him.

I also want to design clothes, another way to help his occult symbols flourish through society.

I know the truth about the world. He just wants me I guess. I didn’t ever make a deal with him, I willingly entertained his presence because I was in love with him. I envied him and thought I was ‘evil’ or whatever. My blog says ‘the daughter of lies’ he is the ‘father of lies’ I was very into occult paganism, and ancient Egypt. I’m sadistic, I lack fear, I feel no compassion, and I can essentially do endless awful things, and think nothing of it…

doesn’t really matter what I want now, I deleted all my post explaining it because he kind of told me to. I can’t really speak about him on here anymore. So I guess we can all just pretend none of that happened, and I didn’t try to expose him or anything. 


i’d kill for asks right now

Murder isn’t always the answer, Mr. Bundy

I’m Loyal to Lucifer

I can’t believe I thought I had a choice.

I can’t believe I thought he just ‘went away’. 

Can you imagine!? 

If he just 'went away' !?!

But no, he’s here! and he was only silent because he was waiting. 

He gave me one last chance to take his offer.

He got my best-friend and her boyfriend arrested just now!

I was with them, I saw it happen. I was in the Car.

The police LITERALLY ignored me.

They didn’t search me, they didn’t check my bag. 

They didn’t even touch me.

They called back up to search my friends, they arrested them, questioned them!

The only thing the cop said to me was "You don’t smoke weed, right?"

And I actually responded with “Occasionally” 

We both LAUGHED, and after they put my friends inside the cop car, they let me drive HIS car back to my school. They didn’t follow me, they didn’t even check if I went to that school!

The cop literally said to me "You can drive it back to your dorm, you’re not that high, right…? You’re fine"

What? What? Is this even real? 

I’m in such disbelief!

Lucifer showed me, he can save me, and he can ruin my life all in one moment. 

I can’t believe I thought I could help stop it all. I can’t believe I thought I could start a revolution through music. I can’t believe I thought I’d be able to achieve a simple happiness and throw away these plans he’s been showing me. 

I clearly have no choice. You’ll see me on the television screen one day..

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