Daughter of Lies

I am an Attractive, Female, Scorpio, Psychopath. A Deadly Combination.

Anonymous asked: Regarding your post on eating disorders, I did develop bulimic habits for a short while to lose weight, and stopped once I got back to my normal weight. I was the heaviest I had been in my life and couldn't even look at myself... but I haven't done it since returning to a weight I'm comfortable at, and this was years ago. As soon as I was at a comfortable weight, I changed my diet for the better and began exercising. So it's possible for it to work and not become addicting as long as you have

self control and can be realistic with yourself.

You should be proud.

Self Control is a great quality.

Anonymous asked: How would you motivate someone to lose weight

With my words.

I’m harshly inspiring. 

Anonymous asked: What do you think about Sociopaths?

Depends on the sociopath I guess, but I think we’re pretty amazing generally.

Anonymous asked: Thoughts on Selfharm and depression?

I just think they should all die.

Either try to recover or kill yourself.

They’re usually suicidal anyways.

A depressed person is just wasting life unless they’re creating amazing art.

Miserableness is a part of life, wallowing in it is illogical.

Anonymous asked: whats wrong with iggy azalea????????????

i just think she’s musically talent-less.

Anonymous asked: Why do people give you shit. I'm sure they're just jealous and insecure. i think you're perfect lol

Thanks haha.

I don’t know why anoyone cares

Anonymous asked: Thoughts on eating disorders (bulimia & anorexia) ?

Depends. If it’s like serious mental case, and they wanna starve till they die, then I think that sucks and it’s a mental disorder.

If they’re fat, chubby, or average and want to get skinnier and begin to do the habits of a bulimic or anorexic, then i think they’re extremely dedicated and cool for them,. just don’t get the serious mental  disorder, but that usually happens.

The thing is like they have to keep up the habits forever, so I don’t understand why people get into thinking “I’ll just starve/throw up till I’m skinny, then I’ll eat normal” That obviously wouldn’t work because their eating portions and habits made them fat in the first place, so they’d immediately gain the weight back. So obviously the only way to keep the weight or keep losing weight is to do it forever. Which doesn’t sound anywhere near as appealing.

It’s the same thing with diets, they’re stupid. You just have to make an eating lifestyle change.

perbaa asked: you are one of the most disgusting people ive ever seen. the fact that people like you exist makes me wanna puke and spit into your face because ive got no respect towards narcissistic, ignorant and sick people like you. please apologize to your parents for becoming such a broken and sick minded failure and get yourself some help. hopefully its not too late for you. good luck

haha I love this, it literally makes me smile

Anonymous asked: If you were really a psychopath you wouldn't be on tumblr posting about it daily. Get over yourself

You’re on tumblr right now…

so you have a blog, and you probably post on it daily. 

I don’t post on this daily, and even if I did, it’s the only tumblr I use so… it’d be completely normal.

Be logical.

buttressed asked: can you post a selfie

Yeah! cause I really want to be associated with a psychopathic tumblr blog, so just in case anyone I know follows me, they’ll now all know I’m a psychopath, that’s exactly what I want.

It’s not like it would be detrimental to my future career.

It’s not like this blog is disturbing to non-sociopaths. 

I’m sure everyone I know will love me all the more after I reveal my identity because a random person on tumblr asked me to.

Matter of fact, why don’t I just go around saying all these things aloud, and telling all my friends my true opinions?

That would definitely be extremely beneficial to me.