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I am an Attractive, Female, Scorpio, Psychopath. A Deadly Combination.

Anonymous said: How do I get an aries' father to be against her daughter? An aries is quite pathetic, and all areas are emotional right? That means an aries is emotional, she used to attempt suicide all the time and she used to cut and puke and starve. Her dad lo

That would never happen. 

They’re stubborn, they’d never believe a stranger over family. I guess, the only way would be to make him believe she disrespects him, and makes their family name look bad. For example, if he found out she had a sex tape or something, or if she was a whore and proud.

Bringing Skinny Back

Bringing Skinny Back

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Anonymous said: How much of a master is a master manipulator?

A Master manipulator is a master at manipulating, and if they’re very good at it, then they have oblivious ‘servants’ and ‘workers’.

And when people work for you, for free, you are their master.

Anonymous said: Oh, but I do know how your mind works. You're thinking about morality now, and you're questioning yourself. Obsessed isn't the right word. I'm concerned. You're very, very lost.

I’m not thinking about morality at all actually….

And you don’t know how my mind works, because everything you’re saying is completely false. 

But ignorance is bliss, am I right? So you can be happy, and ‘believe’ you’re right, rather than educating yourself.

Anonymous said: No, you still don't get it. Because no one is inferior to anyone else. If you think that, if you're telling people to kill themselves... Then you are not on the path to enlightenment. Enlightenment is about oneness. Do you see everyone, even those you initially dislike, as one with yourself? Do you want to? If not, you are not on the path. I see no problem with you being the way you are, as good and bad are subjective. But you cannot claim to be enlightened if you believe yourself above others

You’re confused though, you have no clue what you’re talking about.

How about instead of being fucking retarded, you actually ask a question rather than making assumptions. You don’t know how I think, and the things you’re stating don’t describe me, you don’t know me, so you just sound ignorant and dumb honestly.

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Anonymous said: Opinions on sexist men? Considering most men think of themselves as the dominant gender. I've never seen anything as fragile and pathetic as a man's ego. Do you believe men and women really are equal?

I believe everyone is born equal, then from there, people begin to make themselves inferior. 

A submissive women is inferior, a dominant women is equal. 

A sexist man is ignorant, and an overtly feminist male is obnoxious and seemingly attention seeking. 

It’s common sense that Men and Women should be equal in every way, so a man that takes pride in that, as if it’s something special is equally as pathetic as the sexist man. 

I’m not a feminist, but I’m happy there are feminist. I’m far too apathetic to be a feminist. I think women and men should be equal, but I think that’s an extremely simple concept, and in nearly all societies it’s not..

So, I guess I just think people are stupid, and find it sad that one must to fight for basic equality in modern day… we’re just surrounded by self-centered idiots. 

I’m self centered, but at least I’m not a vapid waste of brain cells.

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