Daughter of Lies

I am an Attractive, Female, Scorpio, Psychopath. A Deadly Combination.

I love beautiful things.

I want to make beautiful music and beautiful clothing.

I want the world to be covered in beautiful things I’ve created.

I want to design the world.

Anonymous asked: Fuck mediocrity. being average is my worst fear. I love all your posts. Thank you for being real, and not biting your tongue.

You’re welcome.

Anonymous asked: What's your definition of a narcissistic?

A person who is deluded into thinking they are better than everyone in the world. A Person who is obviously conceited and can’t act in any other manner.

I’m not deluded, I’m realistic. An appealing physical appearance highly benefits a persons life.

Also, I don’t act conceited, or superior unnecessarily. That obviously reaps no benefits and makes people dislike you. It’s an inherent deep-seated confidence I embody. This is why I express it online, because it’s how I think, but I’d never go around telling everyone these things, I’m a liar and a great actor in real life.

Anonymous asked: I was messing around with someone earlier today for about a half hour. I was kneeling in front of him and he was eating me out from behind, and then he suddenly stopped. So I turned around and he came everywhere. I gave him a little bit of a handjob earlier but I wasn't even touching him at the time. I laughed at him, I couldn't help myself. And then I made him finish me off. It was such a power trip. He's really great in bed, so it was flattering.

Hahahah good for you.

It’s so empowering when that happens. 

I fucked this Psychopath today, and I was riding him mad hard, and he was like whimpering “you got me girl” and just letting me fuck him when usually he takes all control. I made him cum so hard.

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Being Aware of Attractiveness isn’t Narcissism

It’s not Narcissistic to love your reflection,

It’s not Narcissistic to know you’re better than others in certain areas,

People only think it’s Narcissistic because they’re so insecure, and the exuberant confidence makes them feel bad about themselves.

There is always someone more attractive than you.

But there are also millions of ugly, fat, incompetent people, that you’re far better than. It’s just factual. 

There are people better than you, and there are people you are better than. 

Throughout the day you see hundreds of people, some of them may be more attractive, some of them may be less attractive. 

If throughout your day, the majority of people you see, look better than you, and strangers don’t stare at you, you’re ugly

If throughout your day, the majority of people you see, look seemingly average in comparison to you, and you effortlessly blend in, you’re average.

If throughout your day, the majority of people look less than average in comparison to you, and people seem to notice you, you’re attractive.

If throughout your day, the majority of people look shockingly unimpressive, unattractive, and disheveled, in comparison to you, and everywhere you go, everyone notices/stares at you, you’re extremely attractive.

When the Ratio begins to fall into your favor, than you’re a superior person.

I’m tired of ugly people trying to make themselves feel better by saying we’re all aesthetically equal, and we’re all special little butterflies.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this is true. But gorgeousness can be immediately spotted by everyone.

So essentially, yes, if you’re ugly, someone will find you cute. But if you’re gorgeous, everyone will know, and life will be easier for you.