Daughter of Lies

I am an Attractive, Female, Scorpio, Psychopath. A Deadly Combination.

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never forget that loud rock n roll is the most important thing in the universe

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"I’m going to trust you"

He said as he handed me $100

…And he never saw me again.

Anonymous said: What do you think of girls with light blonde almost white hair?

If they’re very skinny, I think their gorgeous. But they have to be very skinny.

Anonymous said: You can still suffer as a psychopath, and you clearly do. You suffer from boredom and agitation. What if your best isn't good enough? You don't know that it will be. I am not a conformist, and this isn't about me. That said, feeling joy is far from pathetic. It's sad that you can't feel it from anything but music, especially considering how unlikely it is that what you hope will occur actually will. I notice your response is more armored this time around, but if you truly weren't bothered

I’m not suffering, and I’m not responding ‘strongly’. I’m responding in the same mannerism that I always respond with, when I speak to incompetent people. 

How is it much more likely I’ll fail? 

Just because you say so? Wow, such logic. 

It’s sad I can’t feel joy from anything except music (the greatest thing in the world…)? I never said that firstly, secondly, why would that be sad? Because you say so? 

Seems like your entire logic is based on your opinion and no reasoning whatsoever.

Kind of seems like you’re just annoyed I’m not as worried and insecure about my capabilities as you. 

I know I’ll be successful. Accept it, or don’t, doesn’t really affect me.

You’re trying to put your insecurity into me, but you can keep it, sorry, I love music, I’m a natural musician, I’m a natural at guitar, I have an incredible ear for music, and I can play any song after hearing it maybe twice…  I’m only 19, and I’m only getting better. I’ve also taken zero lessons whatsoever, my potential is far higher than you’d like to believe. Maybe I make you insecure, or maybe I just anger you because you wish you could be as happy with yourself as I am with myself.

I know who you are now, also. That being said, I find you very pathetic, your arguments are weak, and with your logic, you must be extremely bothered to keep coming to my blog and sending me questions.

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Anonymous said: What are you going to do if you fail? Just because you think you're going to make it doesn't mean you will. Failure is possible, even if you can't see it through your delusions of grandeur. I am not incompetent... You simply don't like what I'm saying. What benefits do I reap? Peace. Joy. You have no idea how those things feel - better than sex or drugs, truly. And no, I am not on the path to monotony. Again, I have plans and dreams for myself. I could explain what they are but frankly

I don’t want to waste my time when you don’t care anyway. Look, the fact that you got so defensive means that you doubt yourself on some level. If my message hadn’t bothered you you’d have responded with ‘okay’ or an ellipses. You’re suffering. No one hurts others unless they are suffering a great deal. Consider stepping outside yourself for a moment. Consider viewing yourself as someone else views you.

No one hurts others unless they’re suffering? Maybe, hmm, I don’t know, a psychopath?

And you’re simply wrong. You will never fail, if you don’t accept failure. Failure is accepting failure. You think if my song wasn’t popular I’d quit and be a conformist like you? No. I’d work harder, every second of every day till it was better, till it was perfect, that’s how you make it in life. We’re capable of anything, or at least I am. All it takes is the mindset, and you don’t have it, and that’s your own problem.

Also you’re pathetic. You need to force yourself to be nice to people to feel peace and joy. I get that from performing music, and making music. It’s better than sex and drugs, it’s more beneficial, and it’s putting in work that will help me progress. 

I’m not insecure, I’m replying with these long responses to completely destroy every millimeter of your argument, because it’s flawed and senseless. I’m completely happy because I love myself, I found my passion, I know the meaning to my life, and what I want to do with it…